Thermal factors

Hot and cold surfaces. Not only when building snowmen without gloves. Heating plates, Bunsen burners, flying sparks during cutting or the treacherous welding beads (not those from too much thinking) play a special role here.

Sweat-inducing matters

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Accidents with cold or hot objects or materials are immediately noticeable. They are super painful. The wounds heal badly and form ugly scars - if they heal sometime. Third degree burns do not heal: the tissue is destroyed. The only thing that helps is transplantation.

Machines, devices, tools and plants are equipped with

  • very cold or hot surfaces (e.g. annealing furnaces, hotplates, boiler plants, dry ice),
  • Media (e.g. molten metals, boiling water or grease, refrigerants)

to calculate.

In all cases, direct skin contact or inhalation of these media may cause acute damage due to local skin frostbite or burning/scalding.



The following links lead you to the pages of the BAuA, the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. You will find very detailed information on the various hazard factors, legal regulations and rules as well as important occupational health and safety measures.