Electricity hazards

Electric current is usually invisible. When it becomes visible, it is usually already too late...

As if struck by lightning

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Electrical hazards can cause serious damage to human (or animal) health or, in the worst case, death. Electricity can also cause fires and explosions.

Risk of electric shock or arcing may occur when using electricity at work or when performing non-electrical work near live equipment.

Both hazards can either occur simultaneously or the type of hazard is determined by the level of voltage. For voltages up to 1000 V the risk of electric shock is very high and for voltages above 1000 V AC the risk of an arc fault is very high. For this reason, it is difficult to separate the evaluation criteria and the occupational health and safety measures to be applied.


The following links lead you to the pages of the BAuA, the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. You will find very detailed information on the various hazard factors, legal regulations and rules as well as important occupational health and safety measures.