Prunus avium. Image: Dr. Veit Martin Dörken

2024 Nature Positive Photo Contest

The immediate surroundings of the University of Konstanz provide a habitat for many plants, microorganisms and animals. Many organisms have also found a home in and around our buildings. Take part in the 2024 Nature Positive Photo Contest and show the beauty of biodiversity on our campus.

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[Translate to Englisch:] (von links) Barbara Ette, Gabriele Schaub und Anton Schwärzler Copyright: Torben Nuding

Landeslehrpreis 2023

Barbara Ette, Gabriele Schaub and Anton Schwärzler receive the award for the "qualifikation N" sustainability project initiated by students at the University of Konstanz.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Luftaufnahme zeigt die Dächer der Universität Konstanz mit Photovoltaikanlagen
[Translate to Englisch:] Copyright: Universität Konstanz, Felix Petersen

Significant increase in the QS World University sustainability ranking

In this year's "QS World University Rankings: Sustainability", the University of Konstanz was ranked 251st out of 1397 universities, placing it among the top 20 per cent of universities worldwide in terms of sustainability.

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Photovoltaic systems on the roof of the VCC building. Copyright: Felix Petersen
Copyright: Felix Petersen

How we save energy

Since spring of 2022, the University of Konstanz has been actively reducing its energy usage. The university has been able to reduce its natural gas usage by 43% when compared to the previous year.

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