• YERUN Paper "Education for a more sustainable world: What can we learn from young European research universities?"

    The YERUN network (Young European Research Universities) published a paper on 27 June 2022 entitled "Education for more sustainable world. What can we learn from young European research universities?" in which the Green Office with its organisational structure and established processes as well as the qualification N of the University of Konstanz are highlighted as best practice examples.

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  • Large contribution to sustainability goals –
    THE Impact Ranking 2022

    In the THE Impact Ranking 2022, the University of Konstanz again placed among the top 100 worldwide in two categories assessing the social impact of universities on sustainability. In Germany, Konstanz shared the top overall rating with the Freie Universität Berlin.

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  • Podcast “Grüne Lupe Konstanz”

    The podcast Grüne Lupe Konstanz (in German) is produced by the Green Office at the University of Konstanz and focusses on sustainability and the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). Each episode looks at how these goals are being implemented, what relevant research is currently taking place, and what each of us can do.

  • Sustainable development

    The earth's resources are limited. The University of Konstanz as an institution as well as everyone working here contribute in many ways to maintaining earth as a place worth living in. Our university defines the term of sustainable development very broadly in accordance with the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations building on a globally shared and democratically legitimated understanding of sustainability. For us, sustainability involves the economy, society, politics and ecology.