• Efficient and successful studies

    Studying is like sports: In order to be successful, you need to use the right techniques and practice regularly. But you also need to schedule breaks and consult a coach from time to time. Check out the ILIAS courses and workshops offered by our Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB), to find out how to study both efficiently and effectively, structure your course content sensibly and use your time well, so you have enough left over to use as you please.

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  • New digital magazine "campus.kn"

    Starting this winter semester 2018/2019, our new digital, interactive and cross-media online platform will complement existing science communication formats at the University of Konstanz.  The digital magazine campus.kn offers tangible insights into research, studies, teaching and campus life at our university.

    Check it out! We are looking forward to your feedback.

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  • Glasdach des Foyers

    The Excellence Initiative
    at the University of Konstanz

    Since 2006/ 2006, the University of Konstanz has been successful in all three funding lines of the German Excellence Initiative as well as in the “Clusters of Excellence” funding line of the follow-up programme Excellence Strategy. In December 2018, the university will submit its application for the “Universities of Excellence” funding line. The overall aim of the Excellence Initiative and Strategy is to promote top-level research and to sustainably strengthen Germany as a research location.

    Funding will start on 1 January 2019 for the Clusters of Excellence “Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour” and “The Politics of Inequality”. Click on the photo for more information.

  • Studierende bei der Gruppenarbeit

    University of Konstanz

    Internationalization is at the top of the agenda for the University of Konstanz. Internationalization includes: promoting international research collaborations and student mobility, attracting outstanding (early career) researchers as well as increasing our international visibility.

Current news at the university

Afrikanische Bunbarsche (aus dem Tanganyikasee, Malawisee und Victoriasee) mit horizontalen Streifenmustern, die die sich wiederholende (konvergente) Evolution illustrieren.

Evolution does repeat itself after all: How evolution lets stripes come and go

A team of evolutionary biologists from the University of Konstanz, headed by Prof. Dr. Axel Meyer, discovers the genetic basis for the repeated evolution of colour patterns. The findings about the stripes of the especially diverse species of East-African cichlid fishes explain how evolution can repeat itself at record speed. The study is published in the current “Science” magazine.

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Schematische Darstellung des neuen Spin Qubits bestehend aus vier Elektronen (rot) mit  ihren Spins (blau) in der umgebenden Halbleiterstruktur (grau).

Shielded quantum bits

A theoretical concept to realize quantum information processing has been developed by Professor Guido Burkard and his team of physicists at the University of Konstanz. The study was published in the current issue of the journal “Physical Review Letters”.

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