The close link between research and teaching advances scientific knowledge

The University of Konstanz distinguishes itself through the close link between top-level research and teaching. It aims to introduce students to research early on in their studies.

We view interdisciplinary collaboration as an essential precondition for innovative teaching. Additionally, our faculty members are accessible, teaching takes place in small groups, the distances on our campus university are short and we offer professional advisory services for students and faculty members.

“A crucial component of effective teaching at the at the University of Konstanz ..."
The University of Konstanz's Code of Practice for Effective Teaching

Good practices in teaching and study

A crucial component of effective teaching practices is a lively teaching and learning culture that respects the freedom of academic teaching, provides many opportunities for designing teaching and learning processes, and sets high standards for the expertise, commitment and personal responsibility of all participants: The “Code of Practice for Effective Teaching" provides a summary of effective practices for teaching and study that are implemented and supported by our teaching staff, students, departments, the Rectorate and the academic support services of the University of Konstanz.