Information on accessibility

The University of Konstanz strives to provide accessibility to its websites and mobile applications in line with § 10 paragraph 1 L-BGG (Landesbehindertengleichstellungsgesetzes = act on equal opportunities for the disabled).

This accessibility information applies to the website

1. Current accessibility

The University of Konstanz is continuously expanding the accessibility of its websites’ content. Due to technical limitations of the central website and the framework conditions of configurable web applications, we cannot fulfil all the requirements at the moment. However, we have been able to reach a high degree of accessibility as the result of a number of projects and continual technical improvements. The central website and mobile applications comply in parts with § 10 paragraph 1 L-BGG.

2. Non-accessible contents

The following content and functionalities are not compatible with § 10 paragraph 1 L-BGG:

  • There may be limitations when using the navigation structure of websites or web applications
  • To some extent, no alternative texts for images or photos exist
  • Video formats do not contain audio descriptions
  • Some of the pdfs offered do not fulfil accessibility requirements
  • Some of the websites and applications cannot be used without a mouse

3. Release date

This information was compiled on 18 August 2020.

The last check was completed on 23 April 2023.

4. Feedback and contact

We aim to provide equal access to our webpages for persons with disabilities. If you discover barriers on our websites and mobile applications, please inform us and describe the barrier by using the contact form or sending an email to

5. Your rights

To ensure that the website complies with the requirements set out in § 10 paragraph 1 L-BGG you can write to You can find the contact details under item 4 on this website.

If you do not receive an answer to your inquiry from the University of Konstanz within the time limit specified in § 8 sentence 1L-BGG-DVO, or the answer is not satisfactory, you can call on the office of the state representatives for persons with disabilities (Landes-Behindertenbeauftragte) Baden-Württemberg to act as ombudsperson as set out in § 14 paragraph 2 sentence 2 L-BGG and § 15 paragraph 3 sentence 2 L-BGG.

You can also contact the representative for employees with disabilities at the University of Konstanz or the representative for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Please note the right to class action as per § 12 paragraph 1 sentence 1 number 4 L-BGG.