Representation for employees with disabilities

Not being disabled is not an achievement but a gift that can be taken away from each and every one of us at any time. Let us make sure that individuals with disabilities and their relatives have a place in our lives. We want to assure them that we belong together.
Dr Richard von Weizsäcker

Being able to listen, to empathise and to approach people without prejudice are key skills that representatives for individuals with severe disabilities must possess. On this basis, the university’s representatives seek to support severely handicapped persons working at the University of Konstanz as well and as comprehensively as possible.

Tobias Neumann, Ursula Indlekofer, Cornelia Heuer and Astrid Joachimi are the University of Konstanz’s representatives for employees with severe disabilities. They are your contact persons, if you have a physical or psychological impairment. They also take care of external applicants with disabilities.

Their responsibilities further include:

  • promoting the inclusion of severely disabled persons,
  • representing and advising persons with severe disabilities,
  • ensuring that the legal regulations are implemented
  • and initiating preventative measures for improving the living and working conditions of severely disabled persons.

The representatives for employees with severe disabilities are bound by specific confidentiality provisions. Confidentiality may be suspended if the person involved has agreed or if the representative works with the staff council and the "Stufenvertretung” (representatives of the various administrative units). All of this is provided for in the Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB) IX (volume IX of the German social code).