Advisory members (ex officio members)

Image: Ulrike Sommer

Vice Rector for International Affairs, Equal Opportunity and Diversity

Professor Dorothea Debus

Vice Rector for Research, Academic Staff Development and Research Infrastructure

Professor Malte Drescher

Vice Rector for Teaching

Professor Michael Stürner

Vice Rector for Sustainability, Information and Communication Technology (CIO)

Professor Christine Peter

Kanzler/Director of the University Administration

Jens Apitz

Office of the Kanzler

Image: Dodo Suzana Giczella

Equal Opportunity Representative (for academic staff)

Professor Julia Schüler

The Equal Opportunity Representative, as the central ombudsperson, works closely with the Equal Opportunity Council to prevent and eliminate any discrimination against women at any stage of their academic careers, during their studies and in all areas of the university. The aim is to ensure that all work and study conditions are equal for women and men and to guarantee that women have equal access to research opportunities. The Equal Opportunity Representative is a voting member in the Senate and is represented in all university bodies and committees. She chairs the Equal Opportunity Council, one of the University of Konstanz's Senate committees.

Representative of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg
Ministerialdirigentin Simona Dingfelder