Rectorate, Senate, University Council


The Rectorate manages the university. It is responsible for all matters that are not specifically assigned to other bodies by the Landeshochschulgesetz (LHG) (state law on education) or the university constitution.


The Senate is entrusted with the fundamental matters of research, teaching, study and continuing education, often in collaboration with other university bodies such as the Faculty Councils, the Rectorate or the University Council. It is responsible, amongst other things, for electing members of the Rectorate along with the University Council and electing Vice-rectors. It also approves structural and development plans, decides on recommendations for new appointments, amends the university constitution and takes a position on establishing collaborative research areas, research training groups and junior research groups.

University Council

The University Council guides the university, takes on responsibility for strategic considerations and decides on plans for structure and development at the university. It also proposes measures that serve to enhance the university’s profile and further develop the university’s performance and competitive capacities. The University Council also supervises the management of the Rectorate.