Division of Student Affairs and Teaching

Student Life Cycle Management

This is roughly the administration of "student life" at a university. This include all steps from the first information in the context of a study advisory over the application and admission, the study itself, the examinations, the final degree of studies, the graduation as a PhD up to the transition into the working life/career and the contact as Alumni and so on.

At the Division of Student Affairs and Teaching, we support all our students throughout their stay in Konstanz for the whole "student life cycle". We advise and inform prospective students, handle applications, admissions and enrolment, take care of re-registering students and grant leaves of absence, help conclude final examinations and doctoral examination processes, draw up certificates and transcripts and assist graduates with their transition from study to work.

In teaching matters, we link the departments, university management and administration. We support the departments with developing study and continuing education programmes, supervise the Committee on Curricular Affairs and Life-Long Learning (ALW) and coordinate various funding programmes. We also organise comprehensive training in transferable skills and help students and lecturers strengthen and improve student writing.

In addition, we coordinate the university's advisory network and provide advice and support to the faculties and departments in administrative matters related to study and teaching.