Life-long Learning

The University of Konstanz provides university-level continuing education to encourage life-long learning. The face of continuing education at the University of Konstanz is our Academy of Advanced Studies (AWW).

In all aspects of university education, we link teaching staff, the departments, university management and administration.

Our team:

  • supports researchers with developing ideas for continuing education options as well as with their implementation and marketing.
  • helps lecturers identify appropriate course, programme or study formats.
  • helps match a concept to the applicable legal guidelines and the Bologna process.
  • assists with public and private legal aspects of the continuing education options.
  • searches for and identifies internal and external partners to optimise the learning experiences of participants.
  • assists with creating a business plan for continuing education programmes which account for economic opportunities and risks.

In addition, we:

  • provide analysis on potential demand in cooperation with our partners.
  • interlink all the University of Konstanz’s resources and capacities that relate to continuing education opportunities.