Welcome to the Centre for Transferable Skills (SQ)

Transferable skills are interdisciplinary qualifications

“Transferable skills include ( ... ) knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and values ( ... ). In your professional life, these interdisciplinary and widely relevant qualifications can help you master the requirements of your workplace. These lasting skills, attitudes and values go beyond technical abilities and knowledge”. (Herbert Beck)


Applications deadline for building and enhancing your professional profile: 26 March 2017

We want to ensure that students gain as comprehensive a set of professional qualifications as possible.

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Opening event project management (winter semester 2018/19): Wednesday, 24 October at 6 p.m. in room G 422

At the opening event, the participating clients will present their external projects and take questions. Towards the end, you will separate into different project groups. From then on, your registration is binding.

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