Service Learning

While the primary objective of our bachelor’s and master’s programmes is to teach subject-specific (academic) knowledge, students are also expected to gain competencies in civic engagement and participation as well as relevant professional qualifications. In order to combine these study objectives we employ Service Learning (SL), an innovative teaching and learning method. It allows for the combination of scholarly content and civic engagement. We collaborate with local institutions to provide students with new experiences which we hope will encourage them to reflect on the knowledge they have acquired and to start thinking about social issues. This way, students have the chance to test their academic knowledge in practical contexts and to gain and consolidate a variety of skills that will also enhance their employability.

It works like this: Students commit themselves to one of these projects for a fixed period of time. Before, during and after, students benefit from introductory workshops, various preparatory seminars as well as evaluation sessions designed to help them reflect on how to apply their new experiences in their studies or future professional life.

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