First-aiders at the University of Constance

First aid saves lives!

It can happen to anyone at any time: A small cut in the laboratory, a twisted foot on the stairs, a circulatory weakness or possibly even more serious - heart problems, shortness of breath, etc. - can happen.

Then it is important that someone with first aid knowledge is there immediately and knows what to do.

Unfortunately, the important and necessary measures are often omitted because potential helpers are uncertain. This uncertainty can be overcome by a first aid course.

Often the offer to become a first aider and to complete the training is misunderstood - for fear of the special responsibility or to do something wrong with first aid.

But the opposite is the case! Those who help cannot do anything wrong, only wrong is not to help!

Your personal advantage

The training, which now takes place as a one-day course within working hours or is credited as such, is a free opportunity to acquire knowledge and thus safety in dealing with emergencies at the workplace and also in the private sector.

First aid training does not change the legal position: even trained lay first aid helpers are not liable for damages or faulty first aid services, but on the contrary are entitled to reimbursement for expenses incurred as a result of first aid services or for damages suffered by themselves.

So please make use of the offer at the university and contact the occupational safety department or the company doctor if you have any questions.

We look forward to your participation!

First aid education and training

First aid training focuses on life-saving measures, simple first aid measures and basic strategies for action.

These courses can be attended by all employees.

The aim of the courses is to train and qualify the participants in first aid. However, all course participants should also agree to be officially appointed as first aiders in this function within their respective field of work.

The duration is 9 teaching units (a'45 minutes) and can take place during working hours at the university. At regular intervals of two years, a refresher course in first aid is required.

In an emergency, everyone is obliged to provide first aid! An emergency can occur during work, but of course also at any time during leisure time. For many, the last information in the context of car driving license training dates back several years, and there is high uncertainty and fear about the few, but often life-saving measures that need to be taken. In addition to the legal necessity for employers in companies to have first aiders at their disposal, each individual can easily obtain important information and instructions for action within this framework. Use therefore also for this reason the possibility, because each first aider can become also times fast the patient and the assistance of others need!