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Operational Safety Organization

Occupational health and safety can only function if it is transparent and if all participants actively cooperate in it. Not everyone knows every area of work equally well and nobody can be everywhere at the same time. No one can be everywhere at the same time. No one in positions of responsibility or management, no safety officer or other representative, or you as an employee.

That is why occupational safety must be well organised:

  • The management level delegates responsibility in the form of the transfer of duties to persons who have the professional competence in their area.
  • The safety and other representatives are responsible for smaller or special areas, have specialist competence, observe, report and advise on the subject of occupational safety.
  • The safety engineers are all-rounders in occupational safety, know the legal regulations and are experts for various sources of danger, hazard factors, risk assessment and the preparation of risk assessments. However, they are not experts for your specific field of work and are therefore dependent on the cooperation of safety officers, department heads and you. For this reason, the safety engineers "only" provide advice.
  • Together with the safety engineers, the company physicians cover occupational health and safety, but advise with a medical focus.
  • The ASA is a committee made up of representatives of all the above-mentioned persons and regularly advises on incidents, occupational safety and accident prevention measures.

In the end, however, you as an employee also have a duty to help ensure that you remain healthy. Contact your supervisor, the safety engineers, the safety officers or the company doctors if something does not seem safe to you.

Everyone must work together.