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Occupational safety at the University of Konstanz

Why do we need occupational safety?

The workplace environment is constantly changing. The expectations placed on employees are growing, and with them, the requirements for modern occupational safety. The basis for today’s understanding of occupational safety is assuring work is humane. This means, the workplace and working conditions should be constructed to fit the respective staff, and not the other way around! The aim is for you to come home after work in a healthy state. Not just on one day, but on every single day, so that you can one day enjoy your retirement as a healthy, active person.

In order to achieve this goal, all university members must contribute to occupational safety: management personnel, heads of department, the staff council and, of course, you!

Our desire as in-house physicians and safety engineers is to help you complete this task. We support all of the aforementioned people with recognizing and reducing workplace risks, identifying factors that promote good health, establishing working systems that are safe and take health into account as well as integrating occupational safety into the university’s organizational and management structures.

Contact us, we are happy to help! It's our job. Just provide us with some information about your working conditions.

Or click through our pages on occupational safety and health ahead of time.

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