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Occupational safety at the University of Konstanz

Occupational safety - what for?

The world of work is constantly changing. The demands placed on employees are increasing, and so are the demands placed on modern occupational health and safety. The basis of today's understanding of occupational health and safety is to make work humane. This means that the workplace and working conditions must be adapted to people and not the other way round! The aim is for you to come home healthy from work. Not only today, but every single day, so that you can enjoy your retirement healthy and fit.

For this to succeed, all university members must be involved in occupational health and safety: The management level, the department heads, the staff council and of course you yourself!

As specialists in occupational safety and occupational physicians, we want to support you in this. Our task is to support all the above-mentioned persons in recognising and eliminating hazards, but also to recognise health-promoting factors, to design work systems that are safe and health-friendly and to integrate occupational safety into the organisation and operational management of the university.

Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you! That is our job. All we need from you is information about your working conditions.

Or inform yourself in advance about the topics of occupational safety and occupational medicine on our websites.