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Important information for external contractors

Fire protection, occupational health and safety, accident prevention, asbestos occurrence, laboratory access

 Before you start your work...

First of all, thank you for working for the University of Constance. Since you are probably not familiar with the local conditions, regulations and rules on campus, we would ask you to take note of the following information:

The following health and safety regulations for external companies / contractors are part of the contract and therefore binding.

Please inform yourself about the regulations that apply to your work before you start working within the university. This applies in particular to compliance with and adherence to occupational safety, fire and environmental protection regulations.

If these legal regulations are substantiated by official measures (approvals, orders, etc.), you are obliged to comply with them as far as affected.

You are obliged to respect the university's internal regulations on occupational safety, fire and environmental protection and to monitor and ensure that these regulations are observed by the employees you employ.

In accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act, you must take measures to prevent occupational accidents which comply with the provisions of other statutory occupational safety and health regulations, the accident prevention regulations and the generally recognised safety and occupational health regulations.

Checklist for external contractors

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-> Have you registered your start of work in the control room (i-point)?   

It is mandatory that you register and deregister in the i-Punkt before starting work and after completing it.

-> Have you been briefed on site by a coordinator of the contractor?   

The contractor's coordinator may be appointed by the university or the Office for Building and Property.

-> Have you been instructed by your employer on occupational safety measures and accident prevention regulations?   

Your employer is also responsible for your safety and health at work outside your company and must instruct you accordingly.

-> Do you carry out work on partition walls?   

Then the regulations on asbestos and KMF are obligatory for you.

-> Do you carry out work that is likely to produce dust?   

Then you must complete an application for a fire detector revision circuit in the i-Punkt.

-> Do you carry out hot work?   

These are jobs in which open flames (welding work) or sparks (cut-off grinding on metals) or other smoke development can be expected. Then you must complete a fire permit certificate in addition to the fire detector revision application.

Remember: Safety first! Wear the prescribed PPE!