Vorlesung im Audimax
Vorlesung im Audimax

Lecture halls and seminar rooms

Information for university teachers and lecturers

With the provision of the seminar room or lecture hall, a lecturer also becomes the event manager.

This results in the following duties:

  • Permanent presence or comprehensible delegation of responsibility
  • Compliance with the maximum number of people allowed in the room

Please check before the event:

  • How you can reach the meeting point in case of danger via two independent escape routes (1st and 2nd escape route),
  • Whether the escape routes in the room / building are free (e.g. due to construction work not usable, tables),
  • Whether all doors along the escape routes are unlocked,
  • Where the nearest fire extinguisher(s) are located and whether you need special extinguishers (e.g. when handling flammable liquids)
  • How to operate the fire extinguishers.

Measures to be taken in case of danger:

  • Arrange for evacuation in the event of danger, or request evacuation from a third party (alarm transmitter, fire brigade, FM / property management, safety engineer) to be complied with immediately.
  • Announcement of the meeting place.
  • Ascertainment of completeness at the assembly point.
  • Supervision of the evacuation - (think of disabled persons, e.g. wheelchair users).
  • Request for paramedic or first aider.
  • In meeting places, failure of the safety lighting (or other important safety equipment) must result in the event being cancelled.
  • Report any defects or special incidents to the control room (and rectorate).
  • Stand by for questions from rescue services.

Further notes / recommendations:

  • Training as a first aider (info Ms Susann Richter, Tel.: 3764)
  • Participation in a practical fire-fighting exercise (Info Mr Hellstern Tel.: 3033