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Risk Assessment

Which dangers hide at your workplace?

Risk Assessment - What's that supposed to be good for?

We want you to go home healthy from work. Not only today, but every day during your working life, so that you can enjoy your retirement healthy and fit.

Dangers at your place of work are not always immediately recognizable. Sometimes late effects only occur after a long time. To prevent this, a so-called risk assessment (DE: GBU) must be prepared for your workplace. This is required by law. The GBU is a very good method for this, in order to recognize endangerments early and to take measures for the improvement of the situation.

Strictly speaking, your employer must create this GBU. Since the employer (the state of Baden-Württemberg) cannot be present at every workplace in the case of the University of Constance and does not know the conditions, the responsibility was passed on to the respective department or group leader in the context of a transfer of duties.

You are not left alone: the safety engineers and company doctors will be happy to advise you.

Do you know which hazards exist at your workplace or at that of your employees?

All departments and facilities are free to copy and amend the documents as needed.