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Behaviour in case of fire

Take every alarm seriously!

Fire alarm

Take every alarm seriously, it can save your life. Better a false alarm too much than a real one too little. It's true: Alarms are often triggered by dust during construction work or welding. That is annoying! Consider it an exercise, because the positive thing is that with such false alarms you get to know the escape routes and location of your assembly point and become more experienced.

Take alarms seriously even if you don't notice any fire or smoke or if everything looks as usual. Stay calm and take the shortest route outside to the meeting point. Follow the instructions of the fire protection assistants, safety engineers, the fire protection group at the University of Konstanz and, in any case, the fire brigade.

Do not return to your workplace until the fire brigade or the safety engineers have released your building again.

-> How to find your meeting place

If you notice a fire

Normally, one of the numerous fire detectors detects the fire and sends an alarm to the fire brigade and the i-point.

However, if you notice a fire first, press the nearest pushbutton fire alarm. If this is not nearby, report the fire immediately to the fire brigade at 0-112.

Please also inform the i-Point in any case

Please note:

  • Do not put yourself in any danger!
  • You can attempt to extinguish the fire if suitable extinguishing agents are available and nearby!
  • As soon as fire protection helpers or the fire brigade arrive, proceed immediately to the assembly point.
  • Do not take anything with you.

Please provide the following information:

  • Where's the fire?
  • What kind of fire?
  • Are there people injured?
  • If so, how many?
  • Wait for questions.