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Hazardous and Biological Substances

Hazardous substances are substances, mixtures or products with hazardous properties. They may cause acute or chronic damage to human health, be flammable, explosive or dangerous to the environment.

Hazardous substances include not only chemicals, but also wood dust, petrol, diesel engine emissions, welding fumes, ozone, anaesthetic gases, etc.

At the University of Constance, hazardous substances or bio-materials are used in many areas, in particular in laboratories, or employees* are exposed to these substances.

Working with hazardous substances can lead to accidents, illnesses and work-related health hazards. The statutory accident insurance institutions have the statutory mandate to use all appropriate means to ensure that these accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards are prevented.

In order to prevent hazards from hazardous substances, the accident insurance funds offer information via various media and on the Internet as well as advice within the scope of their supervisory activities in accordance with the Social Code VII.

(Source: DGUV and UKN)

Handling of hazardous substances

Here you will find the presentation for the in-house training event on handling hazardous substances.

GHS - Globally Harmonised System

Hazard pictograms, hazard classes, hazard information, safety instructions


Hazardous substances catast

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