To identify, design, improve and document processes

Process management is an important component of the quality management system at the University of Konstanz.

Our objective is to

  • establish and document satisfactory procedures with clearly defined responsibilities
  • improve procedures
  • relieve university academics and scientists of administrative tasks by implementing clear and streamlined processes
  • create transparent processes to minimize uncertainties in the qualification phase
  • identify interfaces and overlap between various organisational units

What are we doing?

  1. We discuss the process with a process-informed person and illustrate it in a first draft.
  2. We confer with all participants within a process group and decide on the interfaces, all the while checking whether standardisations or improvements (organisationally or via IT-support) are possible.
  3. The person responsible for the process initiates the process.

The processes are published in the process web portal of the University of Konstanz - from the inception stage to the final release.

Continuing development - We need you!

The staff unit QM continuously adds new processes from various university areas while taking into account the demands and needs of the faculties and departments. We need your feedback regarding current processes in order for the web portal to provide current information and processes that are adjusted after changes have taken place.

Please contact us when you want to make new process recommendations or when you have recommendations for improvement, tips, or suggestions in regards to existing processes. Feel free to also make use of the comment function in the web portal.

The process portal - a knowledge management system for the University of Konstanz

The portal illustrates processes from all service areas of the university: Research, advancement of junior researchers, study and teaching, human resources, finances, infrastructure, as well as overlapping processes. The illustrations contain further information, such as documents, detailed descriptions of responsibilities and contact persons.


  • Clear illustrations of all university processes
  • Search function for documents/forms/checklists
  • Contact persons for specific issues
  • Simplified introduction for new staff members
  • Transparency and understanding of processes in other units