Operating Instructions

[Translate to Englisch:] Betriebsanweisungen

The preparation of operating instructions is required by many legal regulations. These are written instructions for activities involving hazardous substances, biological working materials, work equipment (devices, machines, plants) as well as for work processes associated with hazards.

Operating instructions provide brief information on hazards, protective measures and rules of conduct, measures in the event of malfunctions or accidents, first aid and disposal rules.

The operating instructions listed are drafts which must be revised or adapted by the responsible persons on site on the basis of the workplace-specific, activity-specific and processing-specific hazards and the conditions of the working environment. How to create operating instructions for hazardous substances with the help of DaMaRIS is described -> here.

With his/her signature, the supervisor puts the operating instructions into effect.


In order to make your work easier for you, occupational safety creates or adapts suitable operating instructions. Please note that all templates included here are drafts available in German only that will need to be edited to address both the specific dangers associated with individual workplaces, occupations and kinds of processing as well as the overall workplace conditions.