First Aid

Important information on physicians, accident reports, list of first aid staff members and locations of first aid kits.

Help is provided!

In occupational safety, the prevention of accidents has the highest priority! This is our self-conception and our goal! Unfortunately there is no 100% safety and accidents happen. Hopefully less and less, but they cannot be prevented completely.

Stay calm!

If something should happen to you, keep calm and call for help if you are in a position to do so. You will be helped quickly and you will be cared for!

If something should happen to your colleague, keep calm and call for help. SEG helpers will be on site quickly and take care of the first aid. You will then decide on a case-by-case basis whether further care in the hospital is necessary and whether an ambulance should be called. As a rule, this is arranged for safety reasons.

The SEG helper(s) write an accident report and make an entry in the association book.

Accident Reports

Accidents (occupational accidents/road accidents) must be reported to the occupational safety department in a timely manner.

First Aid-Courses

In the training program of the personnel department you will find dates as well as the information for the registration.

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Accident Insurance

All employees, students, pupils and children in the day care centre are insured with Unfallkasse Baden-Württemberg (UKBW).

Transit Physicians

Here you can find the doctors of the professional associations in Konstanz, Radolfzell, Singen and Stockach.

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The university has automated external difibrillators (AED devices) at four locations to enable an affected person to defibrillate early in the event of a circulatory arrest.

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Poison and burn emergencies

Information on basic rules of conduct as well as an overview of the special equipment in so-called "poison emergency cases".

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First Aid Kits

Here you will find a local overview of the first aid kits at the University of Konstanz.

Emergency equipment locations

Air-circulation independent breathing apparatus (BD Mini), full face masks with breathing filter or wearing breathing masks.

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Rapid-Response-Group (SEG)

Information on the Rapid Response Group at the University of Konstanz (short: SEG)