Laboratory Safety

Laboratories are subject to various occupational safety rules and regulations that must be adhered to and implemented.

Please consult the laboratory regulation “Sicheres Arbeiten in Laboratorien” (working safely in laboratories) (DGUV information 213-850, formerly BGI/GUV-I 850-0, BGR/GUV-R 120) for basic information and instructions.

These apply generally to all laboratories where chemical, physical or physico-chemical research is carried out. Besides purely chemical or purely physical laboratories, the relevant protocols also apply to microbiological labs or laboratories used for genetic engineering. The “Gefahrstoffverordnung” (hazardous materials directive) applies to any research or work involving hazardous materials. This has been adapted for use at universities in the “Tätigkeiten mit Gefahrstoffen im Hochschulbereich” guideline (DGUV information 213 039, formerly BGI/GUV-I 8666) (working with hazardous materials in a university setting).

For chemistry lab courses, there is the “Sicherheit im chemischen Hochschulpraktikum” guideline (DGUV-I 213-026), which is available in German and English.

You can find all of these information sheets and guidelines in the External information box.

The directive on the use of hazardous materials and laboratory equipment

is available on the: -> Directives and instructions pages