Specific workplaces

Safety at Your Workplace

Every workplace is different. Hazards lurk everywhere, which are usually not recognizable at first glance. In order not to lose the overview (or to get an overview at all), we have compiled information on our Internet pages on occupational safety and health and on the usual workplaces at a university and the associated typical hazards.

Computermonitor mit Übersicht der Sektionen
Computermonitor mit Übersicht der Sektionen

computer workstation

In order to make working at your workplace not only pleasant, but also as healthy as possible, we have compiled the following useful information, which is recommended by the DGUV and the employers' liability insurance associations.

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Working in the laboratory ;#x1f512;

Do you know all hazards at your laboratory workplace? Do you work with hazardous substances, biological substances, radioactive substances or interference radiators? Find out more!

Lecture halls and seminar rooms

Information for university professors and lecturers.

With the provision of the seminar room or lecture hall, a lecturer the same time as the event manager the lecture hall or lecture hall becomes a lecturer*in the lecture hall or lecture hall.

Scientific mechanical, electrical and wood workshops

Working with mostly large machines in woodworking and metalworking involves pretty much the entire range of hazard factors: mechanical hazards from moving parts and sharp surfaces, heat, burns, hazards from flammable or explosive gases, hazardous substances and so on. The constant wearing of the prescribed protective clothing (PPE) alone is a burden.