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Occupational medical precautions

Occupational medical precautions

Occupational health prevention is an extensive and complex topic. As extensive as the topic of risk assessment - and both are closely related.

One thing is certain: The employer must ensure that you remain healthy and do not fall ill as a result of poor working conditions - even in the long term, beyond your working life.

You, in turn, have a duty to cooperate. You must actively support your employer in ensuring that he can protect your health.

On the one hand, the risk assessment determines whether the necessary health conditions at the workplace are met. On the other hand, occupational health precautions supplement this.

Whether and when a "preventive medical check-up" or more precisely - a preventive medical consultation - is required depends on numerous factors which are explained in more detail on the following pages. You will learn,

You will also find the legal regulations and a list of current DGUV information on the principles of occupational health precautions.