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Occupational health

To protect you at work from possible hazards and the resulting accidents or work-related illnesses, the safety engineers work hand in hand with the occupational physicians.
While the focus of the occupational safety specialists is on identifying possible sources of danger, it is the task of the company physician to assess the possible health consequences of such hazards in advance.
In both cases, the safety engineers and occupational physicians work preventively and not curatively. This means that it is our common task to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses from occurring.
However, we are dependent on your help, as we do not know all the details of your working conditions. Talk to us, the safety engineers and the company doctors. We will be happy to advise you.
Since 01.06.2019, Heike Strauß (Klinikum Konstanz) has been providing occupational medical care at the University of Constance.