Basics of a Risk Assessment

Hazard analysis

To make your work at your workplace safe, we start with a risk analysis. It is an essential part of the risk assessment. In cooperation with you and / or your superior, we as safety engineers (if necessary also the company doctor) look at your workplace and try to determine whether and if so which hazards can occur. Your supervisor prepares the risk assessment and the safety engineers advise him/her on this.

So-called hazard factors can be noise, dust exposure or mechanical factors such as sharp surfaces and edges.

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The analysis begins with an inventory. This can possibly take place within the framework of a so-called safety inspection or simply an inspection.

An inspection is indeed a search for defects, but not with the aim of finding errors or even identifying culprits. Rather, it is a matter of improving working conditions and eliminating possible sources of danger or developing and later implementing measures for improvement in cooperation with the heads of the specialist areas and you as an employee.

Inspections are announced in good time and take place together with as many participants as possible.