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Animals, plants but also humans can be aggressive and poisonous. Whereby animals and plants are mostly more predictable...

Live and let live

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It is well known that animals and plants can be aggressive and poisonous. But we humans are also very good at this.

Animals kill other animals in order to eat and survive, also for the purpose of reproduction. They know no morals. However, since neither plants nor animals see their only purpose in being available to others as a source of food, they have developed defence methods in the course of evolution in order not to be eaten.

They scratch, bite, strangle, give off poison - and they do the same with us humans when we appear to them to be a danger. Sometimes animals send signals with the meaning "leave me alone, then I'll leave you alone". But we can only interpret soclhe signs correctly in very few cases. Or we have no other choice but to approach us anyway. For example in the TFA.

We humans, on the other hand, know concepts such as morality. We have more or less agreed in the course of our evolution that it is not so great to kill each other for the purpose of reproduction or to have an advantage in finding food. We call this "civilized". The fact that the dinosaurs are extinct is of great advantage to us, because that is the only reason why we are at the upper end of the food chain.

Unfortunately, some people are sometimes blown by a fuse and imitate the behaviour of animals. They become a serious threat to others.

There are often early signs of "change" in certain people. Only, who wants or can already presume to classify someone as a future amok runner because of his strange behavior.

Unfortunately, as a layman you can never really foresee acts of violence. But as the past has shown, you have to reckon with that.

Threat management and violence prevention are important concepts and approaches here.


The following links lead you to the pages of the BAuA, the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. You will find very detailed information on the various hazard factors, legal regulations and rules as well as important occupational health and safety measures.