The current asbestos register

At the end of 2018, inspections were carried out in University of Konstanz buildings, which, due to the year they were constructed in, may contain asbestos.

The re-evaluations were carried out by Arcadis Germany from Stuttgart according to asbestos guidelines and allow the university to update the asbestos evaluation results from 2012/2013.

These re-evaluations are carried out at regular intervals in accordance with the legal requirements of the Gefahrstoffverordnung (hazardous materials directive) in conjunction with the Landesbauordnung Baden-Württemberg (state building regulations). This allows the University of Konstanz to update its list of asbestos contaminated sites.

For rooms and other indoor spaces classified as priority level 1 and requiring “immediate attention”, the university is currently implementing prioritized measures. In coordination with both technical experts and Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg (the university buildings are state property), the following measures are being taken:

  • All rooms and other indoor spaces with priority level 1 and determined to require immediate attention are being systematically examined by experts. The company SakostaCAU (Stuttgart) was commissioned for this purpose.
  • Potential immediate measures are to be directly implemented by the company HOWE Umwelttechnik (Kirchheim unter Teck).
  • SakostaCAU will draw up a renovation plan for the affected areas by mid-June 2019.

In consultation with experts and Vermögen und Bau, we agreed on the following measures: The experts are currently evaluating all rooms listed as priority one where immediate action is required. All possible safety measures will be taken as quickly as possible. We have contracted SakostaCAU to create a renovation plan for the relevant rooms by mid-June 2019.

Information on the buildings

Please note that, due to technical reasons, the links in the columns "Kataster-Nr." and "Ebene" cannot be opened on the website. If you would like to view the linked documents, please contact Henrik Terwellen.

The inspections were commissioned by Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg, Konstanz office, which is the relevant authority in this situation.

This office will adapt its operating procedures and actions to the re-evaluation or update them accordingly.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Occupational Safety team or Henrik Terwellen.