Concept to obtain uniform size and shape particles by controlled polymerization on a molecular as well as particle level. An effective nucleation (N) ensures that particles contain only one active site, and start to grow virtually at the same time. Due to the living character of polymerization, all particles continue to grow for the entire duration of the experiment, to yield particles each composed of a chain of identical length. As the growing chains are immediately deposited on the growing single-crystal particle during this process, particle shape evolves uniformly over time during polymerization. Copyright: Stefan Mecking and Manuel Schnitte

Researchers create uniform-shape polymer nanocrystals

Researchers from the University of Konstanz’s Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1214 “Anisotropic Particles as Building Blocks: Tailoring Shape, Interactions and Structures” successfully generate uniform-shape nanocrystals using direct polymerization

Der geplante Geltungsbereich des erweiterten Bebauungsplans für die Universität Konstanz.

Die bauliche Weiterentwicklung der Universität Konstanz

Die Stadt Konstanz stellt die Weichen für die bauliche Weiterentwicklung ihrer Universität: Ein aktuelles Bebauungsplanverfahren ändert den bestehenden Bebauungsplan für die Universität aus dem Jahr 1969 mit dem Ziel, bauliches Entwicklungspotenzial für die kommenden vier Jahrzehnte zu schaffen.