Since 2014, the quality assurance of all study programmes and other performance ranges of the University of Konstanz (research, promotion of young researchers, equal opportunities, international affairs) has been carried out through a system accredited monitoring process. Accreditation is carried out by the Swiss Agency of Accreditation (AAQ). On 26 March 2021 the Swiss Agency of Accrediation (AAQ) certified the system re-accreditation of the University of Konstanz without any obligations.

Background information

The system re-accreditation is focused on the internal quality assurance system of a university in the field of study and teaching. It certifies that the university's quality assurance system is appropriate to ensure the achievement of the qualification objectives and the quality standards of its study programmes. This implies that the University of Konstanz is authorised to continue to (re)accredit its study programmes on its own if the system reaccreditation was successful.