As a qualitative instrument for quality assurance, the staff unit quality management offers SWOT-workshops.

This workshop (min. duration 2,5 hrs, optimal duration 3-4 hrs) is used as a tool for an organisational unit or running project to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threads with all participants and to develope appropriate action stragies for the future. Similar to a focus group interview, this workshop is moderated by the staff unit quality management and the project participants are invited. The head of the project is attending as well.

Amount of work: Assignment specification talks, invitation of participants.

Role of QM: Moderation of the meeting as an independant spectator. Drafting of the summary minutes.

Limitations: It is not a classical evaluation executed by the staff unit quality management. Post-processing and interpretation of the results lie with the client.

Practice example:

- SWOT-workshop with Professors for stragecal developement of the department (Departmental peer-review process).