An important component of quality assurance is to gather (doctoral) student experience, suggestions, and criticism. For this reason, the staff unit QM regularly carries out surveys during all phases of the course of studies, from the start to the conclusion.

The survey results, along with other performance indicators, feature in the monitoring reports that inform the University of Konstanz’s accreditation of study programmes and their further development by the individual departments.

Published results are available to download below.

Student survey “We want your opinion!”

The University of Konstanz carries out the student survey “We want your opinion!” every year during the winter semester. It measures how satisfied the students are with the study conditions, furnishings and equipment, and the services at the university. It focuses on difficulties and critical phases during the course of studies, e.g. the transition between bachelor and master’s studies, or the one leading to doctoral studies.

The thematic focus changes every year, as does the focus on the departments, which depends on their selection during the Rectorate cycle or the peer review cycle of the monitoring process.


  • To improve the study conditions.
  • To determine the need for additional services (e.g. advice etc.).
  • To assure the quality of study and teaching.
  • To determine the weaknesses in individual study programmes in order to remedy them.


Exmatriculated students' survey

A few days after being exmatriculated, former students of the University of Konstanz receive an invitation to participate in an online survey. The survey is designed for all former students, whether they successfully completed a study programme or not. This allows for a comparison of both groups of students. However, different topics are addressed in the survey depending on whether a former student completed or discontinued the study programme.


  • To assess the study conditions for former students from two different perspectives.
  • To determine the level of satisfaction of former students with university services.
  • To identify reasons for discontinuing studies or transferring to another school.


Graduate survey

Since the winter semester of 2014/15, the University of Konstanz participates in the project "Bade-Württembergische Absolventenstudie" that in conducted in cooperation with other universities in the federal state Baden-Württemberg. All graduates (BA, MA, Lehramt (teaching major), Diplom, Magister, State Examinations) are surveyed approximately two years after graduation in regards to their current situation. A separate questionnaire was sent out to doctoral graduates, levying information on their professional situation two years after obtaining their doctorate. The survey results are evaluated along with those of the doctoral students' survey.

Up until the year 2014, the University of Konstanz participated in the INCHER Graduate Survey.


  • Gain insights into the acquisition of skills, professional situation and labour market prospects of alumni
  • Draw conclusions about the design of study programmes