FAQ for Students

1. Why should I complete the questionnaire?

The student course evaluation offers students a platform to which you can bring your thoughts, praise or suggestions for improvement. The questionnaire is an opportunity for you to encourage improvements in the field of studies and teaching.

2. Will my privacy be protected?

The anonymity of your data is guaranteed. However, it is important to know that your answers are not transcribed. This means that your handwriting is reproduced in the evaluation. Therefore, be sure to use a neutral handwriting style within the open fields to ensure that your handwriting cannot identify you. In addition, for privacy reasons your questionnaire will only be evaluated if the number of participants is six or more.

3. What happens to the questionnaires and the evaluation results?

The questionnaires will be analyzed by the Course Evaluation Office with the software EvaSys and kept for three semesters under special safety precautions. After five years, the electronic data related to the course will be deleted (Evaluation Rules for Studies and Teaching, § 6).

4. What are the consequences of filling out a questionnaire?

The questionnaire and course evaluation results are designed to give lecturers personal feedback to continuously improve their courses. Therefore, lecturers and students are encouraged to openly engage in the course evaluation. This requires the lecturers to willingly accept self-criticism and to be open to suggestions. At the same time, it requires that students give constructive criticism. The results are not linked to monetary punishment or compensation for lecturers.

5. Who gains access to the results?

The lecturer receives the evaluation of their own course a few days after the evaluation. At the end of the semester the Dean of Studies distributes an aggregate report of results to the entire department. At the same time, the Dean of Studies and all members of the study commission receive electronic access to all individual results, which are stored in a protected area on the website of the Quality Management Division. The reports, which are published on the QM website, contain any handwritten comments on the courses, unless the faculty has decided otherwise.

6. Who can I contact to request more information?

For further questions, please contact the responsible person for course evaluations.