FAQ - Students

1. Why do I fill out the questionnaires at all?

The course evaluations offer you, as a student, a platform where you can clearly express your opinion, praise or suggestions for improvement. This instrument is an opportunity for you to suggest improvements for the area of study and teaching.

2. How can I participate?

Students receive the survey links via email or QR code from their teachers during the course evaluation period. The regular course evaluation period for the winter semester is from 18.12.2023 to 28.01.2024. Some courses, such as block courses, may also be evaluated outside this period.

3. What about data protection?

For data protection reasons, courses are only evaluated if the number of participants is six or more. Please note that - in case of paper surveys - the open questions are not transcribed, i. e. your handwriting will be reproduced one-to-one in the evaluation. Therefore, please make sure that you use a neutral font (e. g. block letters) within these open fields so that no conclusions can be drawn about your person due to your handwriting.

4. What happens with the questionnaires and the evaluation results?

Paper questionnaires are evaluated by the office of course evaluations using the evasys software and stored for three semesters under special security precautions. In case of online surveys, this is not necessary, as the data is immediately available in electronic form. After five years (in both cases), the electronic data related to the course will be deleted (see Evaluation and Quality Management Statutes of the University of Konstanz).

5. What are the consequences of the course evaluations (LVE)?

The purpose of the evaluation is to provide lecturers with personal feedback for the continuous improvement of their courses. For this purpose, it is necessary that lecturers and students openly discuss the results. This means that the lecturer must be open to self-criticism and suggestions for improvement, and it requires on the part of the students to provide constructive criticism. The results are not linked to financial consequences or compensation for lecturers.

6. Who is going to see the results?

Lecturers receive the evaluation of his or her own course - in case of online surveys - directly after completion of the field phase. The dean of studies and all members of the study commission receive electronic access to the individual results of mandatory evaluations. Courses that have been registered for voluntary evaluation are excluded from this. This is done via the password-protected area on the Quality Management website. The individual reports provided on the website contain the answers to the open questions on the courses, if the departmental council wishes. In addition, the dean of studies and the members of the study commission of a department receive an aggregated report.

7. Who can I contact if I have any questions?

For further questions, please contact the Office of Course Evaluations.