Digital live-survey with Mentimeter

As a qualitative instrument for quality assurance, the staff unit quality management offers a digital live survey with Mentimeter. This kind of survey is meant for multiple participants that come together in a conference (live or online). The dicussed topics are accompanied by a live-survey using the Mentimeter-Tool and the results will be used directly in the discussion as a conversation stimulus to dig deeper into the matter.

Unlike in focus group interviews the clients are on site themselves, handling the moderation of the conference.

Amount of work: The client prepares, sends invitations, moderates and organizes the meeting. The evaluation of the transcript lies with the client.

Role of QM: Tech-support and methodological support. Moderation can be taken on if requested.

Limitations: It is not a classical evaluation executed by the staff unit quality management. Post-processing and interpretation of the results lie with the client.

Practice example:

- Small courses with too little (significant) response of other evaluation tools.

- Concrete question that needs to be focused on.

- Initiation of communication between different levels of a organisational unit (i.e. in a department between students and lecturers / administration).