Studentin mit Kind
Studentin mit Kind

Staying abroad with children

Financial support options, tips and previous experiences

When studying abroad with children, you should take various factors into consideration when choosing a host university, including subject specific, language and cultural ones. The search for accommodations and childcare can be a challenge for those studying with children, especially while adjusting to language barriers and the new learning environment. We would be glad to inform you about exchange programmes and financial support options. Once you have found what you are looking for, we will also assist you with the application.

Selecting the host university

As student at the University of Konstanz, you can study abroad at one of our many partner universities around the world. The exchange placement at our partner universities is usually tuition-free. When selecting a host university for your study abroad stay, you should first consider the available study programmes. For an overview of the study abroad opportunities in Europe and around the world, please take a look at your options under "Opportunities to go abroad".

Once you have considered your options and selected a region or a specific host university, the responsible exchange programme coordinator at the International Office or the department will assist you with specific questions that you may have. For our "Global" partnerships, please consult the following coordinators for relevant information about specific partner universities in particular regions: Marita Mau (North America), Christina Fritz (Asia, Israel, Australia / New Zealand, South Africa, Latin America) and Agnieszka Vojta (Russia, Ukraine). In the Erasmus+ programme, specific agreements are made between a department at the University of Konstanz and the partner university. Every department has an Erasmus+ departmental coordinator who advises students regarding the study conditions at the relevant partner university. After your department has nominated you for the Erasmus+ exchange, the International Office will assist you with the administrative requirements of the Erasmus+ programme.

Additional funding options

Here you will find a short overview on the additional funding options for a study abroad stay with children. Please see financial support for information on the general funding opportunities.

Erasmus+: Students who bring their child / children along during the Erasmus+ study stay and are the single parent during the exchange, will receive an additional 200 euros per month on top of the regular mobility grant amount. Besides the regular mobility grant agreement, you must complete the DAAD’s E3 application form and then submit it along with a copy of the birth certificate(s) and proof that your child or children are accompanying you (i.e. travel or childcare documentation). The Erasmus+ team will be glad to assist you with the application process.

DAAD scholarships: The DAAD provides monthly study abroad scholarships for specific universities in specific countries. Since according to the “Bundeskindergeldgesetz” (national law on child benefit) parents can receive child benefit financial support, the DAAD will not provide an additional child benefit supplement. Costs for childcare, however, can be paid for by the DAAD up to a certain limit. The individual provisions depend on the specific programme and host country.

Federal student aid for studying abroad and child benefit supplement:· Even if you are not normally entitled to receive BAföG (federal student aid), it might be worthwhile to apply for Auslands-BAföG (federal student aid for studying abroad), since the requirements are different. In addition to the standard rate, students with a child / children receive a child benefit supplement per child. You can find more detailed information on the "bafoeg-aktuell" website (in German). You should submit the application for Auslands-BAföG to the Auslands-BAföG office six months before your study abroad stay commences. Depending on the country you will be traveling to, you will need to apply to the office with the respective national jurisdiction.
For more information on BAFöG at the University of Konstanz:
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Notfallgroschen:· The “Notfallgroschen” (emergency funds) is a scholarship from the Office for Equal Opportunity and Family Affairs at the University of Konstanz. It supports students who will study abroad with children. The scholarship is designed to help cover the higher costs of childcare abroad and can be provided continuously.
For more information and the application documents, please visit the pages of the Office for Equal Opportunity and Family Affairs.

Experience reports

Campus parents are going mobile!

The website provides detailed information on the topic of studying abroad with children sponsored by CHE and the University of Wismar as well as experience reports from students with children who studied abroad.