Expand your world with Erasmus+

International Credit Mobility 2014-2020

Until recently, only Erasmus stays at European universities were funded. The new funding programme “Erasmus+ 2014-2020” has added the “International Credit Mobility” option, allowing Erasmus students to study around the world.

E+ Mobility with partner countries outside Europe

General Information

The University of Konstanz is responsible for applying for this particular funding programme and places great emphasis on strengthening current partnerships using the available financial means in Germany.

In the fall, the International Office, rectorate and representatives from the departments will meet to discuss the programme further. The university's application will be submitted in February. Successful projects will receive funding for two years (June - May, i.e. including both the summer and winter semesters).

Funding will be provided for study abroad periods, visiting lecturer exchanges and professional training abroad (for university staff).

Study abroad mobility:
Duration: 3-12 months
Scholarship amount: € 650 per month

Visiting lectureships:
Duration: min. 5 days
Teaching load: at least 8 classroom hours per week
Funding: daily allowance of € 160 plus a travel allowance

Staff mobility:
Duration: min. 5 days
Funding: daily allowance of € 160 plus a travel allowance

Available Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility funding

Call for applications for Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility scholarships to study abroad in the summer semester 2017 in German/English.

Call for applications for visiting lectureship and staff mobility scholarships in 2017 in German and English.

E+ ICM 2015-2017: Israel, Serbia, Ukraine, South Africa, Kosovo

As part of the International Dimension of Erasmus+ at the University of Konstanz, exchanges to the following partner universities are available during the summer semester 2016 and winter semester 2016/2017.

Israel: Tel Aviv University, University of Haifa, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Ukraine: Taras Schewtschenko University, Kiev

Serbia: University of Belgrade

South Africa: University of Pretoria

Kosovo: University of Prishtina

Funding is available for approximately 75 exchanges, with a total budget of about € 370,000. The main focus is on incoming participants.

E+ ICM 2016-2018

In February 2016, the University of Konstanz will apply for new funding for international mobility activities with select partner universities.

Beginning in the summer of 2016, we will inform you about the results.

E+ Staff Mobility Inbound

As part of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) programme,

lecturers from any Erasmus+ partner university outside German can teach as visiting lecturers in any

field of study offered at the University of Konstanz during a short stay.

We look forward to you joining us! In order to incorporate the course(s) you intend to teach into the relevant department’s course guide,

please be sure to contact the International Office as well as the respective departmental coordinator

well enough in advance to clarify and work out all the details.

Any lecturer at any of our Erasmus+ partner universities

may participate in the programme. The University of Konstanz will provide a travel allowance for the stay abroad

as well as

a daily allowance of € 120.

If you would like to come to the University of Konstanz as a visiting lecturer

we recommend you contact us at least six months before your intended stay

with the following information:


CV with details about your previous teaching experience and

a selection of the seminars you have taught so far


a description of the courses you intend to teach (at least 8

classroom hours, generally taught per week)


details about your intended period of stay and

the host department

In brief:

Who: Lecturers at Erasmus+ ICM

partner universities

What: Stays abroad as a visiting lecturer

usually a week in length, including 8 classroom hours that are integrated into the host department’s course guide

When: Usually

a week during the winter semester lecture period (mid-October

to mid-February) or the summer semester (mid-April to mid-July)


step: submit the documents listed above to our Erasmus+ ICM

Coordinator Verena Ladegast, International Office University of Konstanz, Email: exchange.programs@uni-konstanz.de
2nd step: after receiving approval from the desired host department, you must be

nominated by the International Office at your home university for the Erasmus+ Staff

Mobility for Teaching programme.

Funding provided:

The Erasmus+ ICM Staff Mobility

for Teaching programme is funded with a travel allowance as well as a daily allowance

of € 120.

Forms: (after having

reached an agreement about the course guide)


Teaching Plan

Grant Agreement

Confirmation of Stay