Those who are on the move, move Europe.

More than 220 partner universities and appox. 750 exchange placements in Europe for students at the University of Konstanz

Erasmus+ 2014-2020

Those who are on the move, move Europe.

Erasmus+ Teaching Staff (STA) and Erasmus+ Administrative Staff (STT) mobility measures are organized in close cooperation within the relevant academic department or administrative unit.

Please contact the Erasmus+ institutional coordinator in regards to any proposals or requests in order to coordinate your plans with potential hosts. Please include a short description for your current job and/or teaching experience as well as the expected benefit from your visit along with your CV.

Although there are no specific deadlines, we kindly ask for timely requests and correspondence since all proposals are handled on an individual basis.

Visits from European partner Institutions are supported through the Erasmus+ funding from each home institution - the requirements and deadlines of these home institution may also apply.

Visits from Erasmus+ ICM partners are funded through the Erasmus+ ICM budget of the University of Konstanz: further information

Structured staff weeks in 2016/17

In 2016/17, the University of Konstanz will organize the IV. Konstanz-Essex-Staff Week (March 2017 in Konstanz) - open to staff members from the University of Essex only.

The Department of Literature with Art History and Media Studies invites academics to attend the Spring School on Theorectical Media and Arts Studies (April 1-9, 2017). Contact