Erasmus+ Short-Term Mobility for PhD Students

Pilot Phase Academic Year 2022/2023

Are you looking for an opportunity to develop and/or acquire new relevant academic and research skills, participate in a particular training/course or carry out research work necessary for the successful preparation of your doctoral dissertation/thesis at a European partner institution abroad?

The new Erasmus+ Short-Term funding line for PhD Students offers you the frame, flexibility and some funding to complete a short-term mobility (5-30 days physical mobility combined or not with a virtual component) and gain international experience during your doctoral studies at the University of Konstanz.  In the Academic Year 2022/2023 (Erasmus Project 2021) an overall budget for about 20 mobilities is available.

General Information

Funding conditions

Generally, all Doctoral Students enrolled in a third-cycle program at the University of Konstanz are eligible for funding through Erasmus+. The new Erasmus+ funding line supports PhD mobility for a duration of min. 5 working days to max. 30 working days.

The Erasmus+ program promotes stays abroad to:

  • expand, further develop and/or acquire new relevant (research) skills or provide  research work/training, participate in courses or have access to equipment or libraries necessary for the successful preparation of your doctoral dissertation/thesis offered by the host institution
  • exchange experience about skills acquired at the U Konstanz
  • support international network activities
  • improve foreign language, digital communication skills and intercultural competences
  • improve and extend collaboration between partner institution
  • better understand the European Higher Education Area aspects for 3rd cycle students/young academics by experiencing a different scientific environment on site and in action
  • prepare for a European job market in academia and beyond

Examples: participation in seminars and lectures, tutorials, research colloquia; learn, professionalise, expand research methods skills, research data analysis training, literature/archive research, participation in a particular training and/or workshop offered by the host institution.

Not eligible is the participation in conferences or language courses.
No fees may be charged by the host university.

If applicable, we recommend a work load of min. 3 ECTS per mobility or at least 30 hours/week to be documented in the Learning Agreement.


No strict deadlines during the Pilot Phase Academic Year 2022/2023 *

PhD Short term mobilities will be possible any time during your doctoral studies, usually for one month (min. 5 working days, max. 30 working days) between October 1, 2022 and September 30, 2023.

*Outlook: Academic Year 2023/24 onwards funding will be available within Erasmus Project 2022 – slightly different rules may apply depending on budget and demand during pilot phase (to be announced in summer 2023).


Partner universities in Europe which have signed an Erasmus+ inter institutional agreement for student mobility with the University of Konstanz preferably within your subject area/department. You can find the complete list of our Erasmus+ partner institutions in Europe for the academic year 2022/2023 here.

 Not eligible are mobilities

  • to the country of your permanent residence
  • to the United Kingdom or Switzerland as they are currently not regular Erasmus partner countries. 

Erasmus + Grant

Grant and Top Up's

The purpose of the Erasmus + grant is to co-finance your mobility abroad, not to cover all expenses.

Erasmus+ supports your short-term study/research stay with € 70 per day for the first 14 days of your physical mobility and € 50 per day for the remaining stay period (max. 30 days incl. travel). Virtual activities before or after the mobility are encouraged but not eligible for funding

Top Up for students with fewer opportunities and/or special needs (AJ 2022/23 Project 2021: childcare, disabilities)*
* Outlook Academic Year  2023/2024 - Project 2022  inclusion of childcare, disabilities, first generation students, regularly working students - receive an additional lump-sum top-up funding of 100€

Green Travel Top Up: travelling by train/bus/bike – 50€ plus up to 4 travel days

Example: Visit at Partner University "X" for 3 Weeks = 15 Working Days ->(14 days á 70€ + 1 day á 50€ )= 1.030€ + long distance travel (>12 hours) by train or bus  = 50€ + 2 days x 50€ = additional 150 €

According to the Erasmus+ programme, the combination and/or complementary financial support from other national or institutional funding programmes is possible, except other EU funds! Please check relevant budget rules.

How to apply

Get started

Please apply at least six weeks before the planed physical mobility abroad. The earlier the better –  in the first year of this call, funding for about 20 individual mobilities is reserved.

In the pilot phase AJ 2022/23, there is no selection process – only check of formal requirements, eligibility and learning by-doing of this new funding line between partner institutions.

Before the Erasmus+ PhD Short Term mobility, both home and host university must confirm the study plan by signing the "Learning Agreement" and accepting this funding line within the InterInstitutional Agreement (IIA).

Please provide detailed information about your individual study/working plan, time frame and confirm the individual and institutional motivation and benefits, provide informal confirmation of supervisors at home and host institution. Please use the application form.
On this basis, the International Office may decide about the eligibility of your project and available funding.

Before your mobility

Upon positive decision you will need following documents:

  • Erasmus Learning Agreement (see useful information and documents): Documents the learning experience in detail and confirms the recognition for your PhD programme by both supervisors. If there are ECTS awarded, please state this in the document
  • Erasmus Grant Agreement stating your individual funding will be issued by the Konstanz Erasmus Team/International Office and your mobility will be registered in the Beneficiary Module (Tool provided by EU commission).
  • Green Travel plans and documents  if applicable
  • Proof of enrollment (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung; university enrollment)
  • Dienstreiseantrag (if you are employed by the U Konstanz) and and Confirmation of secondment if your stay exceed 14 calendar days or  Antrag auf Übernahme der Reisekosten 
  • Online Linguistic test/course in working language (only for mobilities >15 days) - access will be provided by International Office

in order to recieve your first payment (70% of Grant Agreement)



During your stay abroad

  • please be aware that your host will need to confirm your stay and issue ECTS or any other form to prove your achievements and activities
  • if you are interested the International Office may share with you information material for representing U Konstanz on site
  • we woud appreciate very much if you would help us to promote the Erasmus programme, e.g. on social media, reports, interviews

Enjoy your study experience abroad!

After the mobility

  • EU Survey (questionare within Beneficary Tool, access via email) needs to be filled out.
  • Recognition of your mobility, preferably in your Transcript of Record as supplementary course in ZEuS
  • Second Payment (30% of Grant Agreement)


Any questions? Please contact us with your ideas and plans!