Doctoral Fund and retreats

You are a doctoral researcher at the University of Konstanz? Then the Doctoral Fund is exactly the right funding instrument for you.

The Doctoral Fund, launched as part of the Excellence Strategy, provides funding for doctoral researchers. With this tool, the University of Konstanz aims to improve the working conditions of junior researchers.

An amount of up to 5,000 euros is available for doctoral researchers at the University of Konstanz to support them in establishing research networks. Four times per year they can apply for grants to finance conference trips, research stays, data collection and the organization of workshops.

In principle, all accepted doctoral researchers from the University of Konstanz can apply. However, the primary purpose of the Doctoral Fund is to support doctoral students who are not supported by a cluster, a funded doctoral programme or other institutions. It is possible to submit several applications for different projects, but not more than 5,000 euros will be allocated to an applicant within a period of three years.

New! Retreats for doctoral researchers: For the first time, several doctoral students (minimum 7) can apply jointly for funding of a retreat that serves their research work, collaboration and networking, or continuing education. Up to 5,000 euros may be awarded once per project for the group of participants. One contact person submits the application that will include the documents listed below as well as a list of retreat participants.

Further criteria for applying for retreats can be found here:

The application should be short and precise (maximum of 5 pages) and contain the following:

  1. Description of the project including a timeline and financial plan, as well as a justification for the requested funds.
  2. Explain the relevance of the project to your doctoral research and highlight your own active contribution (e.g. presentation of your own data at a conference).
  3. Statement why this funding is necessary – why is there no alternative funding option? Document your effort to find alternative sources of funding
  4. Current CV (does not count towards the maximum of 5 pages).
  5. Proof of acceptance or certificate of enrolment as doctoral researcher at the University of Konstanz.

In General:

Before applying:
Please first look for alternative (internal such as funding from the clusters or graduate schools or external such as funding from the DAAD) funding.

When submitting your application:
Please ensure that you plan your project as cost-consciously as possible. It is recommended that cost calculations be broken down transparently. It makes sense to carefully calculate the costs and, if necessary, obtain comparative offers.

Upon approval:
Please note that approval by the Doctoral Fund's Awards Committee does not release your project from budgetary and travel expenses checks.

In case of rejection:
We highly encouraged to reapply with a revised application.

When invoicing:
If conference rooms or comparable facilities are booked and invoiced, comparative offers must be obtained and submitted. If costs for several persons are charged for a project (especially for retreats), a list of participants signed by all participants must be submitted.

Please use the application template.

Send the documents electronically as a single pdf document to the Vice Rector for Research and Academic Staff Development.

Applications can be submitted at any time. The decision about the applications will be taken within four weeks after the following cut-off dates:

15 January (earliest funding start: 1 March)
15 April (earliest funding start: 1 June)
15 June (earliest funding start: 1 August)
15 October (earliest funding start: 1 December)