About the Konstanz Research School (KRS)

Mission and objectives

The Konstanz Research School (KRS) is home to all forms of doctoral studies at the University of Konstanz. The KRS ensures that all doctoral researchers enjoy the same high standards for quality and supervision as well as equal access to relevant services – in any type of programme and for any prospective career path.

Key targets

All paths to earning a doctorate under one roof

The University of Konstanz has 24 structured doctoral programmes as well as a variety of options for individual doctoral research in 13 departments, two Clusters of Excellence and multiple research networks. These options, all based on the KRS' shared Doctoral Regulations, provide exceptional conditions for doctoral research.

Ensuring the same high quality standards for supervision and support

To fulfil the highest standards in supervision, each doctoral researcher in the KRS has access to a team of at least two contact persons for subject-related questions and supervision matters.

Foundational, transferable skills courses expand the doctoral researchers’ competencies in the areas of research, teaching, management and career development – whether they plan to take an academic career path or an alternative one.

Providing a broad network of support services for doctoral research and career development

  • For every aspect of doctoral research – from welcome and networking events to advice and training as well as individual coaching services
  • From providing suitable literature, information and IT services to supporting researchers with international incoming and outgoing processes
  • From offering family support services to ensuring equal opportunity and supporting researchers with their career development – for academic career paths as well as alternative ones.

Doctoral researchers in the KRS enjoy the full support of the teams in Academic Staff Development (ASD), the Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM), the Welcome Centre, the Equal Opportunity Office and many other teams. All these services aim to support researchers on their path to a doctorate and in their careers, creating an environment that enables them to reach new heights intellectually, personally and with regard to their own subject-specific expertise.

What all doctoral researchers can benefit from at the University of Konstanz

State-of-the-art research at the highest international level

Outstanding research, excellent teaching and study options, international connections and interdisciplinary collaboration with a special focus on promoting early career researchers – these are all key features of the University of Konstanz.

A culture of creativity and respect on a diverse campus by Lake Constance

Short distances on our campus, open doors and close collaboration in an interdisciplinary, international and diverse environment are the university's signature trademarks. In addition to this, the campus location by Lake Constance and near Switzerland, France and the Alps provides superior quality of living.

Guidelines and standards for both doctoral researchers and their supervisors: Code of Practice for Doctoral Researchers at the University of Konstanz

Over the course of their studies, doctoral researchers make significant contributions to the University of Konstanz’s reputation and success in both research and teaching. They generate new research results, encourage innovation and enliven the university’s research processes with their intellectual curiosity, creativity and passion. In order to ensure that our doctoral researchers enjoy the best possible conditions for their academic and personal development, the university strives to provide a stimulating and supportive working environment.

Accordingly, the Code of Practice for Doctoral Researchers at the University of Konstanz serves as both recommendation and guide. Supplementing the University of Konstanz's doctoral regulations, it sets out guidelines and standards for both doctoral researchers and their supervisors.