Travel request and secondment

Travel request

Travel requests must always be approved in writing before the start of the trip and regardless of its duration. Retroactive approval is only permitted in justified exceptional cases.
You should therefore submit your travel request in writing at least 14 days before departure.
Professors can have their travel application approved by their respective director of departmental administration.

Contact Mr Manuel Wenger for further information.

Apply for confirmation of secondment

At the University of Konstanz, workplace relocations, changing work locations and business trips abroad are regarded as secondments.

At the University of Konstanz it is mandatory that you secure your business trips abroad that exceed 7 calendar days with a confirmation of secondment.

General information on secondments and application forms depending on your destination, you can find here and here.

Please request your confirmation of secondment as early as possible before departure in order to avoid inconveniences during official controls, to be insured in the event of health insurance claim, to avoid paying double social security contributions and be entitled to social security claims.

  • Find the form that applies to your country of employment and your university status group, fill out the relevant information, sign and send it to the Social Security Advisors (SSA).

Contact: and Social Security Advisors

Social security issues and taxes

Please contact the Social Security Advisors at the University of Konstanz:

De-registration at the local registration office (Bürgerbüro/Einwohnermeldeamt)

  • If you leave Germany to temporarily work and live abroad (e.g.  secondment), please consider the registration deadlines.
  • If you move outside Germany to live and work abroad (e.g. for a secondment) registration/de-registration deadlines apply.
  • If you are abroad for less than 6 months, but can be reached for written notifications from the authorities (e.g. via mail forwarding or a person who accepts the mail for you), you do not have to deregister.
  • If you are considering a stay abroad lasting more than 6 months, please speak to your corresponding registration office in advance in order to find the best way to deregister and reregister your place of residence in Germany, if required.