Our mission for top-level research and a culture of creativity

In order to expand and enhance its existing research-friendly environment, the university strives to intensify its international contacts in research, teaching and the promotion of junior researchers.

Our internationalisation strategy and focus on research are interlinked, which promotes a transformative internationalisation. The process involves more than just single transactions made by individuals. It consists of complex and ever-evolving relationships.

Our cooperation with our partners is defined by mutual satisfaction and advancement. New programmes are developed, research is advanced and new insights are made as a result of the dialogue between students, employees, researchers and academics. The awareness for participating in the global higher education and research system is expanding.

Internationalisation is a dynamic and continuously developing process. We support this continuous development by analysing processes and collaborations with regard to new needs and requirements and adjusting them accordingly.

As a research-focused reform university with a culture of “research-led teaching”, the University of Konstanz believes in research-oriented internationalisation. Accordingly, we have identified five fields of action:


International cooperations are absolutely necessary for top-level research and teaching. Our worldwide network orients itself after the needs of research and teaching. Our research goals and international exchange cooperations are mutually inclusive.

  • Cross-departmental partnerships support diverse, interdisciplinary and inter-institutional activities in research and teaching. Here, our networks are of crucial importance.
  • Partnerships between faculties and bilateral collaborations support specific departmental goals and strengths in research and teaching.
  • Research and teaching are strengthened through various formats such as transnational research and teaching networks (EU projects, Rotterdam Law Network, Transatlantic Network) and via the targeted support of individual partnerships in the departments.

Junior researchers

The internationality of junior researchers is fundamental to the success of a top-level research university. As a result of the continuous expansion of international and English-language master programmes at the University of Konstanz, international junior researchers are provided an early opportunity to both develop their own professional profile and contribute to the university's growing internationality. The proportion of international doctoral students has already reached 25% and continues to grow steadily.


The benefits of our exchanges for international students, researchers, faculty and administrative and research support staff are not limited to international experience, training and qualifications. They also help to strengthen our partnerships and collaborations while promoting the exchange of best practice models.
In the future, international mobility will be promoted and supported to an even greater extent - in terms of both quantity and quality.

Internationalisation of teaching and teacher training

We provide a variety of opportunities for students to enhance their foreign language and intercultural skills as well as their international competitiveness: double degree and joint degree programmes with international partners; a high proportion of foreign-language learning opportunities, in particular in master’s and doctoral programmes; continuously improved study programmes; orientation programmes for international students; international guest lecturers and visiting professors; and the development of digital services (such as flipped classroom) to enable faculty exchange between partners.

While foreign language skills are required components of many study programmes, they also provide students with key competencies. The Language Institute (SLI) offers a variety of language courses for our students, and there are also intensive language courses in German as a part of our orientation programmes. Additional events during the semester supplement these opportunities. Language courses specifically for international researchers are offered through the Welcome Center.

A variety of our summer schools showcase international study programmes at the University of Konstanz to exceptional students.
Mentoring opportunities and buddy programmes facilitate an easier transition to university life for international students and students with migration backgrounds.

Welcoming culture

Our goal is to create optimal conditions for attracting the best international minds. A wide range of support services work to achieve this goal. The Welcome Center, for example, provides international researchers at the University of Konstanz support with all non-academic and practical matters outside of their departments.