Workshop: Final workshop of the GROUPTA project: Social constructions of target populations and their impact on political behavior and public policy

Freitag, 23. Februar 2024
9 bis 16 Uhr

Zukunftskolleg, Y 326

Veranstaltet von
Elisa Deiss-Helbig (Research Fellow / Politics and Public Administration)

Vortragende Person/Vortragende Personen:

Workshop Programme

Introduction (9:00-9:30h)

Panel 1: Social Group Constructions and Electoral Politics (9:30-11:00h)

Who Deserves Recognition? How the Discrepancy Between Perceived and Desirable Changes to the Social Hierarchy Relates to Vote Choice
Magdalena Breyer, Tabea Palmtag and Delia Zollinger

Recognition Deprivation and Far Right Voters’ Sources of Subjective Status
Silja Häusermann and Delia Zollinger

Party Representation of Social Classes in Contemporary Switzerland: A Citizens’ Perspective
Line Rennwald, Anke Tresch, Simon Stückelberger and Romane Benvenuti

Panel 2: From Social Group Constructions to Policy Support (11:30-12:30h)

How Do Citizens Trade-off Between Targeted Pledges When Choosing a Program? A Conjoint Experiment on Group Membership and Ideology
Isabelle Guinaudeau, André Bächtiger, Elisa Deiss-Helbig, Benjamin Guinaudeau, Theres Matthiess

Solidarity Behaviour and Age: The Identity-Solidarity Game in a Large Panel Survey of the German Resident Population
Achim Goerres, Markus Tepe and Jakob Kemper

Panel 3: Perceptions of Groups Among Policymakers and in Policymaking (14:00-15:30h)

Deservingness Views Among Politicians
Christian Breunig and Maj-Britt Sterba

Class, Gender and Age: Unequal Responsiveness to Different Groups
Armin Schäfer

Ministries and the Politics of Policy-Making: The Distributive Effects of Bureaucratic Politics
Julian Garritzmann

Conclusions and Perspectives (15:30-16:00h)