2011: Evaluation of University Administration

Contents and Objectives

  • to improve and further develop the central administration
  • to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the administration
  • to develop targeted measures for enhancement and illustrate development potential
  • to advance the university-wide quality management


  1. Customer survey: Survey for academic and scientific employees of the administration regarding the service orientation of the administration and the quality of the services
  2. Employee survey: Survey for all employees of the administration regarding, among other things, employee satisfaction and workload, work-life balance, interfaces and processes, communication and information
  3. Student survey: Survey for students regarding the central points of contact in the administration (e.g. Student Service Centre, Career Service, Central Student Advisory Service, Mentoring Programme)
  4. Focus group interviews with representatives of the departments and employees of the administration
  5. Self-reporting of centralised management, based on interviews, survey results and criteria of the Common Assessment Framework
  6. Inspection by external peers (3-member expert group)

Assessors provided tips and suggestions in their report regarding the improvement and assurance of the services rendered by the university administration.


In the report and the assessor’s evaluation you will find the results of the evaluation of the university administration (only available in German).