GO Konstanz - German intensive language course with orientation programme

Learn German and get settled - a four-week intensive programme for international students

By starting off the semester with GO-Konstanz, it was a smooth transition into the courses. The International Office at the University of Konstanz was excellent and provided a wide range of events and activities for us. The excursions offered were of great value and created the opportunity to get to know fellow international students as well as learn about culture.
Laura Yum, University of Technology Sydney, Australien

Every year in March and September, the University of Konstanz offers a four-week intensive German language course with orientation programme. It is organized by the International Office in cooperation with the Language Institute (SLI).

Groups of about 15 participants are taught by experienced lecturers at all levels: basic, intermediate and advanced (A1-C1). Language level C2 cannot be offered.

All formalities that are important for studying and living in Konstanz are addressed during the programme: from opening a bank account, to acquiring German health insurance, enrolling at the university, registering with the municipality and applying for a residence permit for international students from non-EU-/EEA countries.

Additionally, we will introduce you to German academic culture and discuss (inter-)cultural expectations, academic standards, and approaches to scientific writing. We also assist you with organising your studies.

In addition to tours of the university, library, IT Service Centre, Language Institute and sports facilities, your will be able to take part in events, a city tour and other excursions in the Konstanz area.

Important dates:
04 - 30 September 2019 (arrival 02/03 September, programme start: 04 September)
04 - 31 March 2019 (arrival 02/03 March, programme start: 04 March)

The first two weekdays (Mon - Fri) of the month are arrival days. The programme starts on the third weekday.

Who can take part?
International exchange students, free movers and degree-seeking students (bachelor, master), doctoral students of the University of Konstanz and exchange students of the PH Thurgau.

The German language courses will be taught in German (also beginner classes).
The orientation programme will be offered in English and German.

Language course:
An obligatory written German language placement test will be held on the first day.
Students who have already taken German language classes at the uni in the previous semsters are also expected to take the placement test and show up on the first day to the appointment.
Note: In general, one can't claim to participate in a particular class or a class at a certain level (eg B2/1, etc.).
The German language classes will start from the second day and will take place daily from Monday to Friday, 9.00-10.30 and 11.00-12.30  (total: 76 academic hours with 45min each) .


One can earn up to 6 ECTS credits
Requirements are regular and active participation, homework and test(s).
6 ECTS (absence of up to 6 teaching units, each 45 min)
4 ECTS (absence of 7-12 teaching units, each 45 min - with doctor's certificate)
0 ECTS (absence of more than 12 teaching units, each 45 min)

All participants will receive grades for their performance made during the German language course according to the German grading system.

Course description/syllabus for recognition at the home university:
As all courses are taylored to the individual needs of the respective students, the course descriptions (in English and German) will be compiled and translated after the courses from May (GO-Konstanz March) and from November (GO-Konstanz September) and sent to the students by e-mail, together with the respective course number.

The orientation is for all new incoming international students and takes place in the afternoon from 1.30 pm (until max.  5 pm).

Course fee:
300 Euro (exchange students, free mover, BA / MA students),
400 Euro (PhD students, researchers).
Please pay by bank transfer after receipt of the registration confirmation.
Note: You must always use the specified purpose (stated in the registration confirmation) so that your payment can be allocated!

Registration deadline (limited places):

Winter semester:
15 June (for new international exchange students),
15 August (for new international degree-seeking students and free movers and all international students already enrolled at the University of Konstanz),

Summer semester:
15 January (for new international exchange students),
15 February (for new international degree-seeking students and freemovers and all international students already enrolled at the University of Konstanz)

NEW: New incoming ERASMUS+/exchange students can apply online for both their study placement and the GO Konstanz orientation programme at the same time. All other students, please register online on this website.

Course Certificate/Transcript of Records:
All participants of the course will receive a grade at the end of the course and credits for the German language course.
For international exchange students and free movers, the grades and credits will be entered in StudIS  and will be included in the transcript of records at the end of the study stay.
Only with the entry in StudIS, a corresponding course number will be assigned (ie for the entry in the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement). A registration for the examination in StudIS is not necessary.

The German language course will appear as: "Intensive Course German" (and "Deutsch-Intensivkurs" in German) with the respective level (e.g. A1/2) and would show up as such in your transcript of records upon request.

At the end of the course, all other participants receive a course certificate ("Schein") from the respective teacher for the successfull completion of the course with the grade, the credits and the description of the performance . This certificate is in German. Degree-seeking students may ask their departmental study advisor if the language course can be accredited in their study programme.

For new international degree-seeking students:
This course certificate can not be used as a proof of the German language proficiency for the application or enrollment at the University of Konstanz!