Studentinnen auf den Sitzstufen der Bibliothek
Studentinnen auf den Sitzstufen der Bibliothek

Buddy Programme

While new situations can be difficult for new German students, it is sometimes a real challenge for international students. Why not help each other out and learn from each other?

The Buddy Programme matches new international students with local students in Konstanz. Local students then become a “buddy” for one or more international students.

International students: The Buddy Programme is open to all international students, whether you are an exchange student, a degree-seeking student or a free mover.

Local students: Any local student can become a buddy. As long as you are in Konstanz before the semester starts, you can welcome one or more international students and help them get started in Konstanz. Both German students and international degree-seeking students can be buddies. Everyone is welcome! If you become a buddy, you should be on hand to greet your international student/s when they arrive. Usually, international students arrive during the following periods:

  • Winter semester: beginning of September/beginning of October
  • Summer semester: beginning of March/beginning of April

What does a local buddy do?

Your local buddy is your first point of contact when you arrive and while you are getting started in Konstanz. Buddies...

  • help you find your way around the university,
  • guide you through everyday life in Konstanz and answer any questions that pop up,
  • introduce you to German and other local students,
  • practice German with you,
  • invite you to join in German student life.

Why become a buddy?

As a local buddy...

  • you get to meet students from all over the world and experience our international flair first-hand
  • you can practice your foreign language skills
  • you meet students from our partner universities in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia, Israel and South Africa
  • you help international students feel welcome in Konstanz

What can we do together?

What you do together is completely up to the two of you! Here are a few ideas:

  • pick up the key from the building manager if the international student arrives in Konstanz after opening hours
  • pick up your international buddy from the train station, when he/she arrives
  • a tour of the city: Where do you find the most important things in Konstanz?
  • first orientation around the university: Where do you find important places like the library, cafeteria, University Sports or the International Office?
  • general help with getting settled in Konstanz: know where to go out, meet the local buddy’s friends, find out where to go shopping (farmer’s markets, Switzerland, etc.), where to get a SIM card, where to buy an affordable bike or find a doctor

When does the matching process take place?

Registration deadline: 31.07.2024

We will inform you who your buddy or your incoming student until end of August. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to ask the buddy-team.

Confirmation about participation in the Buddy Programme

If you participate as a buddy for international students, you can get a confirmation on your voluntary intercultural engagement by the International office upon request. For this confirmation, we ask you to provide the participation in both a preparation and an evaluation workshop including an experience report. Please see the dates of the workshops for each semester (switch to German website). 

Participation in winter term 2023/24

1. participate in preparation workshop for buddies

2. participate in an evaluation workshop (90 min) on your buddy experience

3. Report on your buddy experience

Participation in summer term 2023

1. participate in preparation workshop for buddies

2. participate in an evaluation workshop (90 min) on your buddy experience

3. Report on your buddy experience