Plan properly and stay informed!

This is how you can make the most of your study stay and profit both personally and academically.

In order to have a successful study stay at the University of Konstanz, you should always plan for and organise important dates at the beginning of the semester as well as during the semester and academic year. This page provides you with information on important topics and lets you know when the International Office's informational events take place where you can ask important questions.

International Office informational events

Important Dates

Please keep important semester dates in mind: the duration of the courses, holidays, lecture-free periods and the re-registration deadlines:
Semester dates (courses and lecture-free periods)

For new international students, the dates for the orientation courses before the semester are also important.
Orientation programmes for new international students

Here you can download the most important dates in the academic year.

Course selection

Exchange students can generally attend any course in any department. Exceptions may include courses that require previous knowledge or pre-requisites, course with limited space (in these cases, ask the lecturers whether you can participate) or courses that are reserved for students from a specific study programme. Please note the target group of the respective courses. The University of Konstanz DOES NOT set requirements for course selection or the number of courses to be completed. Please consult your home university's academic regulations and requirements when choosing courses. However, the International Office of the University of Konstanz recommends that all exchange students sign up and complete German language courses (DaF = German as a foreign language) offered by the SLI (SLI = Language Institute) that are available at all levels (basic, intermediate and advanced).

Examination registration via StudIS

All academic achievements, including exams, are recorded electronically at the University of Konstanz. StudIS/Examinations allows you to register for or cancel your registration for exams and to create and print overviews of your completed and forthcoming academic performance assessments. At the end of the semester, the International Office creates a transcript of records from the StudIS/Academic performance assessments.

StudIS - Your personal online information for registration

Extending your study period

For Erasmus+ ICM students, the period of nomination (1 or 2 semesters) applies. No extension beyond this period is possible.

Exchange students who come from partnerships outside the Erasmus+ ICM programme and free movers can, after consultation with their home university and the relevant coordinators and the International Office in Konstanz, extend their stay by 1 semester if there is sufficient academic justification.


Applicants for an extension don't have any guarantee to live in a Seezeit student accommodation in the extended period.
The International Office will draw lots with its remaining Seezeit rooms by the middle of December/May and inform all applicants by email. Thus, students who do not get a Seezeit accommodation have to find a place to stay on the private accommodation market without the assistance of the International Office.


If you are an enrolled student at the University of Konstanz and would like to continue your studies in the next semester, you must explicitly declare your intent to do so. If you pay the re-registration fee, then you are officially re-enrolled. You can submit your payment through a bank transfer by using the individual 12-digit number as your payment reference. The university will inform you in due time about the re-registration procedure.


Preparing for your return home

Is the semester nearing its end? Then make sure you take certain issues into consideration and complete specific tasks. Please consult the following information and our checklist:

Maternity protection

The health of the student and her child during the pregnancy, after childbirth and during the breastfeeding period are protected by the law. The student has the option to continue her studies without risk to her health or that of her child. The law also works to reduce disadvantages during pregnany, after childbirth and during the breastfeeding period.

For the protection of the mother and the child, the student is kindly asked to inform the univeristy on her pregnancy - please find details and contacts here.

Our office hours

Office hours during the lecture period (winter semester 2019/2020)

From 25. October 2019 until 14. February 2020

Room  A614

Fri 10.00–11.00

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